Azar de Desirae (Nick)

Hi all. :]. I am Nick Burrus, founder of the Novograd Times. I feel in love with the game Allods in early December. I started looking at it back in November. I was mainly a World of Warcraft player, before I got extremely bored right before the 3.3 patch. I got a free beta key from ZAM.

I am twenty years old and will be turning twenty-one in May. On December 17th, I was asked by the community manager of Allods Online, Katelyn Olmstead of Gala-Net to be a moderator for the Allods Online official forums. Later that afternoon I got to talk to the Gala-Net Allods Online team over a conference call. On December 21st, it was announced, I was a moderator for the NA forums as ashkir. :].

Favorite food? Salsa.

Favorite TV Show? Not cancelled would be Sanctuary, including canceled would be Kings.

Place always wanted to see? The Northern Lights. Just simply would love to spend an evening up north in Canada or Alaska to watch the beautiful northern lights. My life would be complete. ^^.

Position at Novograd Times? Owner/Editor.

What does ashkir mean? I wrote this a while ago:

The name Ashkir was my own creation back in ’06. I was seventeen and in high school. xD. I was looking back over old notes from Sophomore English. We spent our Sophomore year in English (two hours a day, twice a week, and an hour on Monday). Hell I couldn’t even get half my spelling words correct in Latin, nor do I remember what they mean.

The reason why we had to learn Latin and Greek was to learn the roots of our language. So we had to learn the root words.

Ash breaks down to the old word asshe or asce. It means residue left when combustible material is finished burning by chemical means (fire) or volcano. It also means a symbole of grief, repentance, humiliation. And finally, ruins.

Kir is an ancient Smurian word? Forgot how to spell it. But, they were a large influence on many modern names. Now, kir roots from a long time ago. The most recent known dungeon is a drink made of dry white wine named after some Felix Kir guy. When you go further back in time to learn the roots as many were lost, you’d find a Roman Christain influence of the name. It was basically referenced to the name a wall or a fortress, even a kingdom, or a city. The earliest reference was when the Syrians captured the great city of Damasus. Later on the word became known as simply strongholds. If you dive further into the history, a recent meaning before the alcohol version took place was a city, wall or a meeting.

I took the word ‘Ash’ and called it Ruined and the word ‘Kir’ and called it Kingdom. I put them on a paper called ‘Ash Kir’ in my senior year. I liked the sound of it, hence it became a name. ^^

Any pets? At my mom’s house I have a miniature german shepherd and doberman mutt. I found him eating a french fry, and carried him home. My step dad wanted me to throw him out, my mom decided to take him to the veterinarian. We found out he has been abused, so I adopted him and my step brother kept calling him Lucky, so that stuck as his name, Lucky.

I live with my grandma, at her California house, well when she’s here, but I stay here a lot. I’m in Bakersfield, California. Big city, and I love my neighbors! She has a pomeranian chihuahua. He’s a mean little fella, but hella cute. I used to have a chinchilla, but I gave it to a friend, and guinea pigs, and can’t forget the rats!

In Character

Hello everyone! I am Azar de Desirae, a young summoner who lives in the great city of Novograd! I love sneaking up a top the city walls to overlook the port seeing the massive astral ships come in. I haven’t traveled as much as I wish I could have, but I have been to the Frozen Frontier and to the depths of Darkwater. I do plan on traveling to the Holy Lands within the next weeks.

In 1045 I joined the Novograd Times office. I was only twenty-one years old! So it was my first job in the city! I worked mainly in the office, I never went out to the field. However, in the city, many looked down on me because I was able to walk through the city with something dead at my side, fully under my control.

However, I got to work under one of the most brilliant minds in all of Sarnaut! I got to work with the one and only Sencere de Desirae, the Editor in Chief of the most pretigious news source! In 1049 Sencere stepped down, and announced me to take his place. It surprised me, and not only me, it surprised everyone that I, one of the new guys was choosen. Sencere said I had the skill, I helped edit, while everyone else was in the field.

According to Sencere, my selection was logical. But, Sencere was the owner, so he could do what he wanted.

Today, I am a reporter, and the Editor in Chief of the Novograd Times and I love talking to those who work with me, and my team seems to like me, now, finally.

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