Rotsicle (Amanda)

Hello! I’m Amanda Flowers, an author for the Novograd Times. I discovered Allods during closed beta test #2 and I was hooked! The only game I’ve ever enjoyed more is Dungeons and Dragons Online, which was also the first MMO that I ever played. I’ve also played Warhammer Online, World of Warcraft, and Champions Online, when it comes to p2p, and I’ve done quite a bit on Atlantica Online. I also enjoy puzzle games, point and click adventure games, and Tetris.

I’m 26 years old and I applied to become a writer when I saw the request for more authors here on the Novograd Times. I enjoy writing and MMO games and I’m thrilled to finally be able to merge the two! I am a DPS addict, and I love big, shiny explosions. My main is a summoner by the same name, Rotsicle, though I really enjoy the mage class, also. I want to play a cleric someday, as I also like to play support roles. My other MMO passion is crafting. If the game doesn’t have a good crafting system, it makes me sad.

Favorite food? French toast

Favorite tv show? Top Chef

Place you’ve always wanted to see? Greece. I’m a Greek mythology nerd.

Position at Novograd Times? Journalist

What does Rotsicle mean? Not much of anything except my very, very strange character naming habits. Rotsicle is the name of my WoW undead warlock. I was trying to name her Popsicle but it was taken! 😦 And then I looked at her…dead, rotting zombie…Rotsicle! Which then spawned a whole slew of -sicle named characters. Healsicle. Moosicle. Deathsicle. (A cookie to whoever guesses race and/or class!)

Any pets? Four cats. Jinx is the only male. Bootsy, Kitty, and Winter are all females and beat him up on a regular basis.

Anything else? My favorite color is purple and one of my other hobbies is crocheting.

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    • January 26th, 2010


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      • January 26th, 2010

      Thanks =D

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