Novograd City

Novograd City is the capital city of the League. It is hope to a great many walks of life, including trainers, merchants, innkeepers, etc. Here is a map of the great city; click on a district of the map to be taken to a page all about that district:

The Elven District The Trade District The Gibberling District The Main Market

Healer (Priest/Cleric) Trainer – Uslav Radeeff (Main Market)
Mage (Magician/Archmage) Trainer – Felix de Grandeur (Elven District)
Warden (Anamalist/Druid) Trainer – Tur Silentoff (Main Market)
Warrior (Brawler/Champion) Trainer – Dobroboy Bullov (Main Market)
Paladin (Templar/Crusader) Trainer – Victor Crowoff (Main Market)
Psionicist (Seer) Trainers – Acute Family (Gibberling District)
Scout (Tricksters/Rangers) Trainers – Acrobats Family (Gibberling District)
Summoner (Demonologist) Trainer – Reno de Desirae (Elven District)

Alchemy Trainer – Sivoyar Foroksky (Main Market)
Blacksmith Trainer – Volot Kononov (Main Market)
Disassembler Trainer – Ruta Lemesheva (Main Market)
Herbalism Trainer – Matilda de Grandeur (Elven District)
Leatherworking Trainers – Raw Family (Gibberling District)
Mining Trainers – Gloomy Family (Gibberling District)
Tailor Trainer – Valentina de Arduer (Elven District)

Auctioneers (Main Market)
Bankers (Main Market)
Goblin Innkeeper (Main Market)
Portal Keeper – Homer de Delice (Main Market)
Postal Worker (Trade District)
Runes Supply Merchants – Mysterious Family (Gibberling District)


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