Gibberling District

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The Gibberling District in Novograd City is the home of the Gibberling. A few of their buildings can see over the walls of Novograd and onto the Novograd Port, which is only fitting because the Gibberling are credited with founding Astral Travel. Here is a map of the Gibberling District with NPCs (non player characters) of interest, click an icon to go to the NPC’s page.

Key: Crosses = Class Trainers. Scissors = Profession Trainers. Vial = NPC of Interest

Acute Family, Psionicist (Seer) Trainers Raw Family, Leatherworking Trainers Acrobats Family, Scout (Tricksters/Rangers) Trainers Mysterious Family, Runes Supply Merchants Gloomy Family, Mining Trainers Image Map

Psionicist (Seer) Trainers – Acute Family
Scout (Tricksters/Rangers) Trainers – Acrobats Family

Leatherworking Trainers – Raw Family
Mining Trainers – Gloomy Family

Runes Supply Merchants – Mysterious Family

Here are some screenshots of the Gibberling District:

  1. note to self: All trainers but seer need maps.

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