Main Market

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Here is a map of the Main Market. Click the icons on the map to be taken to a page about that NPC.

KEY: Cross = Class Trainer. Scissors = Profession Trainer. Gold Mallets = Auctioneer or Banker. Mug = Innkeeper. Funny Blue Circle = Portal Keeper.

Volot Kononov, Blacksmith Trainer Sivoyar Foroksky, Alchemy Trainer Victor Crowoff, Paladin (Templar/Crusader) Trainer Uslav Radeeff, Healer (Priest/Cleric) Trainer Dobroboy Bullov, Warrior (Brawler/Champion) Trainer Ruta Lemesheva, Disassembler Trainer Tur Silentoff, Warden (Anamalist/Druid) Trainer Goblin Innkeeper Auctioneers Bankers Homer de Delice, Portal Keeper Image Map

Healer (Priest/Cleric) Trainer – Uslav Radeeff
Warden (Anamalist/Druid) Trainer – Tur Silentoff
Warrior (Brawler/Champion) Trainer – Dobroboy Bullov
Paladin (Templar/Crusader) Trainer – Victor Crowoff

Alchemy Trainer – Sivoyar Foroksky
Blacksmith Trainer – Volot Kononov
Disassembler Trainer – Ruta Lemesheva

Goblin Innkeeper
Portal Keeper – Homer de Delice

Screenshots of the Main Market:

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