Runes and Chests

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Apparently the runes in chests is now random. 😦

You can get treasure chests at all types of levels, starting around level seven for most. You can do daily treasure chests to get chests as well. Chests hold a quality item for its level. So for example, the chest from Lightwood is likely to have something for level 5-10. Siveria may jump from 10-16. Frozen Frontier 15-18, etc.

When you put a rune into an item (a level one rune) you increase the chances of something being a certain item. For example, you need a new cloth piece and you’re level 13. Take the chest from the level 13 zone and put a Rune of Uar (Gold) in it to give you a 77% chance of a cloth item.

Higher level runes increase the quality. The information we hold is sticking to level 1 runes in chests.

Check out this useful chart made for the Novograd Times by BlackHearts using information from AllodsFan.

Key: Highest Chance Lowest Chance So-so Chance

* The other line consists of rings, cloaks, earrings, and necklaces.

    • Anonymous
    • February 9th, 2010

    Seems after the last patch the rune+chest feature is not working anymore. Need to update.

  1. Seems after the last patch the rune+chest feature is not working anymore.

    • annonymous
    • January 30th, 2010

    what about Accessories ?

    • ‘Other’ covers them.

    • deadonce
    • January 23rd, 2010

    btw for the league treasure chests are available at the newbie island alrdy. it is found at the ancient june runes where the archmage’s daughter(if im not mistakened) asks u to collect 3 june blocks in the square cubes on the floor

    • Inferno
    • December 17th, 2009

    What about daggers and staves, are those under two-handed?

    • I believe they are with one handed and two handed. But I’ll look further into it. Thank you Inferno.

  1. December 31st, 2009
  2. January 26th, 2010

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