Finding the Postal Worker in Novograd

Sadly, I cannot find a postal worker near the auction house. I think this will be a bit annoying after launch if we have to keep running across the city to get mail, but it isn’t a far run from the bank, or auctionhouse if you know where to go.

The Postal Worker is in the Trade District (you know the place you walk through when you entered Novograd for your first time). He’s near the doorway to the Elven District. Here is a map of where he is (look for the sparkle!):

The Postal Worker, of course is carrying a mail bag and looks like this:

You see! He’s not that hard to find! He’s really out in the open, not hiding behind something or in a confusing building.

Enjoy. :). Feel free to send me a letter or two! I play Azar. :).


Finding the Bankers in Novograd!

The guides in Novograd are liars! They say the bank is still under construction! (Click on images for bigger versions.) When you ask a guide this is all they say:

But, in fact, the bank is up and running in Novograd. Go to the sparkle on your map:

The bankers are inside a building that looks like this from the outside:

Inside of the bank looks like this:

There are five npcs inside the bank. Four of them are bankers, one of them is Taras Parshin (he’s the guy with the Russian looking hat) whom seems like the bank manager. He just provides information about the bank. Your deposit box will look like:

Enjoy the bank! Feel free to put some valuable items in my account. I’ll make sure they’re safe *cough*sold*cough*.

Finding the Auctioneers in Novograd

In the zone chat, people keep saying they cannot find the auctioneers. Or other people are saying the auctioneers are not working. Both are lies now. The auction system is up and running! However, you will need to run to a Postal Worker to get your auction or sale money.

To find the auctioneers in Novograd simply go to where the sparkle is on the dot; by the description:

Now that wasn’t too hard was it? :). The Auctioneers are right out in the open:

Beta Keys!

This post is no longer updated. Check out our closed beta keys page!

Do you still need a beta key for Allods Online? Well, I personally don’t have any! But I know of a few ways you can secure one. Yes, I know MMORPG and ORPG ran out. But here are other ways:

The easiest way currently is registering an account at ZAM and then visit this page. Currently ZAM still has beta keys to give out. It won’t be long until they dry up however so other ways:

It also looks like that Bitmob still has keys too! Check it out by clicking here.

Thanks to our new author Twilightstar, I found out that MMOSite has beta keys left. Around a thousand of them left! Click here to check em out.

Also it looks like Creeping Darkness has a giveaway going as well! Check them out! Click here for details!

Getting keys from Creeping Darkness, ZAM and MMOSite seems easier then Bitmob’s right now. But they’re all great sources!

– Sign up for twitter, and check now and then via searching for people who have extra keys with terms such as ‘allods key’ ‘allods beta key’ or even ‘allods open beta key’ with terms including ‘allods online beta key’ etc.
– Keep an eye on other social media websites, and gaming sites. The keys can come back at any moment! Don’t drive yourself nuts, it is only a beta. 🙂

Good luck! Any other beta key sources you know of feel free to email me at =]

Finding the Goblin Innkeeper in Novograd

For now this blog is focused on the Kania side of Allods Online (English Version) due to me primarily playing my demonologist.

This is the first post of hopefully many in this new blog. Hopefully many, many more will arrive as I venture further into Allods Online. This game is stunning both visually and in content. It is rich in quests, and none of it feels dull yet. The only problem is fighting for the boar spawn. haha. But all in all, it is extremely fun. If you haven’t tried the closed beta yet, I recommend you do so when you can. :). It is worth it.

In the city of Novograd there is a wealth of npcs (non player characters) that offer a wide range of services from training, to innkeeping. The innkeeper removes fatigue from your character, so you gain the blue part of your experience bars. Visiting the Goblin Innkeeper is a good idea whenever you are near one. (All images in this guide can be clicked on for larger versions)

In Novograd the Goblin Innkeeper is located to the south of the city in the Main Market, not far from the auctioneers. Check this map out; and travel to this location that is sparkling:

Now, you will realize you cannot get inside at first, or you see a bunch of buildings. Look for this building by the auctioneers:

Go up the stairs to the left, and you should find a doorway at the end of the hall/platform:

Now when you walk inside the inn it should look something like:

You cannot immediately see the Goblin Innkeeper when you walk in because of the short stature. Walk to the second table in the front you see, with the green glass bottle on it. When you’re at the table, the Goblin Innkeeper should now be in plain sight:

Now that is how you find the Goblin Innkeeper! Happy resting! :). Also, right outside of Novogard is another Goblin Innkeeper at this location on the map:

Fullscreen Autominimizing Making Play Impossible Bug Fix

There is currently a bug that has been experienced by a few people. I myself have experienced this bug on Windows Vista 64 bit. When you are playing in fullscreen mode and alt tab out you cannot tab or click your way back in. You see the game flicker then minimize itself. Try closing the game and reopening it does the same.

I found out a new way to do this, over the below. Try this way first. Open your launcher, that has the news, etc and click on the ‘Settings’ button. And uncheck Fullscreen Mode:

With a full computer restart, you can play in fullscreen mode again, or by doing what I said above, you can renable fullscreen mode in game. But is this annoying you? Want to stop the restarting? Play in maximized windowed mode.