We didn’t steal your glory! We  didn’t steal your story. We didn’t steal whatever it was you think we stole. All content we report we have put together ourselves or we have permission to do so. So we’re safe here! We’re just reporters!

Wait…sorry! Oh my…sorry! By the void! You want to reuse some content? Of course then! Come on down to your local Novograd Times office all across Kania and the Empire! We welcome you to use our content!

Azar, Editor in Chief

Novograd Times Office, Main Market, Novograd, Lightwood, Kania.

All content on The Novograd Times was written for The Novograd Times and was meant to be a reference points. We have no problems with our work being used elsewhere, provided they credit The Novograd Times.

We also do not wish to infringe upon the rights of Gala-Net or gPatato by operating a fan site. A majority of images on The Novograd Times are screenshots directly from Allods Online and are copyrighted works of Gala-Net. We apologize for when the watermark is removed for cropping, it isn’t our intention. A good portion of our images still have the watermarks.

You are free to use any of our material in other works, provided that we are credited. All content here is the works of the respective author and those whom were credited in the entry. Our work can be used for nonprofit and commercial uses, which is why we choose this licensing:

Creative Commons License
The Novograd Times is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 United States License.
Based on a work at
Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available at


The Novograd Times does not make any profit from this fansite whatsoever. It is hosted on a free host and there are no ads ran by the Novograd Times team whatsoever.


The Rune Graphics were taken from in game, and put on a black background for clearer use on the Novograd Times by BlackHearts.

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