The League Newbie’s Starter Guide

One thing a new player will notice is a bunch of stuff in zone chat that may or may not make any sense at all. LFM rabid. LFM Mizgir. Things of that sort. Here is a short list of things you’ll see in zone chat in the first two or three zones on the League side, and answers to some other common questions seen in zone chat:

Where can I find birch scrolls? You will find them on the trees that are broken off. They are hard to find, that much is true, but don’t confine your search to just the area around the quest marker on your map. The birch trees are all over wherever the forest is not thick. The thick, dark forest will not have any.

What are the medicinal plantains for? Gather these to turn in for reputation and get blue gear. This is worth doing before you leave. See the Survivors reputation guide.

LFM DS: Looking for More, Damned Soul. You’ll see this on Evermeet Isle. Damned Soul is a raid boss, and the quest gives really good blue gear for rewards. The mob kill itself also has good xp. You must be level 6 in order to get the quest and be sure you do it before you leave the isle!

LFM rabid (or rabid squirrel, rabid sabertooth squirrel): This is the first raid boss you will be able to kill in Lightwood. You must be level 8 to receive the quest, A Cure for Rabies.

LFM Mizgir (or Arachnaphobia): Mizgir is the second raid boss in Lightwood, a giant, nasty spider. You must be level 10 in order to get the quest, called Arachnaphobia.

What happens if I die while killing a raid boss? Two options. You can ask your raid to hold off on DPS and give you time to run back (but you’ll have to get a hit in on it before it dies or you won’t get credit), or you can simply not release. If you don’t release, you will still get credit when it dies.

LFM Oreshek (or Oreshek Fortress): This is the instance for Lightwood, and you must be level ten in order to receive all of the quests for the instance. The drops in here are pretty impressive. Party only! You can not take a raid into Oreshek. One other thing to note is that the mobs don’t respawn in here. If you somehow are not able to complete the quest to escort the elf to the entrance, he will reappear where you first saw him and you will be able to go back and complete the quest.

Where is the treasure? The treasure in Evermeet is easy to find, since a quest takes you right to it. The treasures in Lightwood are a little harder. Check out this guide to finding the two chests in Lightwood.

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