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Please Note: We’re moving. is a great host. Yes it is. But, we have grown past it. We want more control over the template. We want to be able to have plugins of our own choice, and more control overall.

Over the next few hours we’re migrating to YuriHosting. Nobody should experience any downtime. But I decided to give you all a heads up.

A few comments may go missing, but it should be minimal at best.

If you have an idea for a theme from that you really like email me a link to it at :].



Beta Key Dispenser. :].

Oh. Yeah. I know it is terribly late to have this, but my friend Michael spent some time writing the basics of the script (okay most of it like I only wrote two lines). He plans on making it more complex beyond my understanding of PHP and all, but with the two lines I added it is now workable.

If you need an EU key, click here to get one. :]. That’s it. Its that easy to get a key now. So much better then answering emails! Wewt! :].

Ratings now enabled.

We have now enabled ratings. Some people love our articles, and others people dislike. With votes, we can tell which content the readers of The Novograd Times enjoys the most, so we can try to put more of that type of content in. Also! We get some amazing comments, but we also get comments that are simply a troll or bad. We now have a comment rating system.

These are the topic ratings:

And comments:

Enjoy. ^^. And thanks for making us one of your go to sources for Allods Online information. 😀

The Novograd Times is seeking content authors. :].

I have changed some things around in the last few days, and shifted interest of the blog not just purely focusing on guides, but also focusing on the community, opinion pieces, and class guides. I have also expanded on interviews, and plan on expanding further into the interviews! :].

We have formally introduced our Classes page that holds an index of class articles. We made many changes to our Guides page and with many new guides now indexed and all up to date. We even introduced a new interview category on the Interviews page. We have even got a good look at astral ships, thanks to miss_sadie, haz and Darren.

We here at The Novograd Times love new stuff daily. I spend the better part of the day on the internet. Ever since I been up today about 90% of my time was on this site, the official forums, or in game answering questions on Evermeet Isle that low levels have. And a good two hours at Hulu (Human Target is my new love <3).

We are looking for new content writers to help us out. :]. Do you love Allods Online and love writing? How about writing at The Novograd Times? We are one of the most known and referenced to websites for Allods Online information. Most of our content is original. And we are proud of it. We are very much in game, and love, love, love writing these guides and things for people who'd love to read them.

Here are some off the back we'd love to have around here:
– Empire Authors! Most of the writers here are League.
– Class authors!
– Anything really. :]. Have an idea? Let us know!

Rotsicle has also joined the staff a few days ago, and already has some very nice and helpful posts! And many promising ideas! Rotsicle even has an about page! :]. We also have a new author, named Shourisha with a very intriguing column idea, which should be appearing later this week or next week! :].

Check out our Looking for Authors page if you’re interested. :].

What content do you want to see?

The Novograd Times loves feedback from the readers! What kind of content would you like us to have on this website? Any opinion pieces you’ve been dying to see our take on? Anything in game that confuses you and you’d like a guide on? What do you want to see?

We are currently working on more treasure guides. However furthest we have is Tenebra, and ZIT Headquarters. We don’t have anyone for the content further writing guides currently. :[.

Also, runes guide was updated with a new fact. And yes, it is true, not a rumor, you can put runes in your chests!


New Theme!

The folks over at added one of my favorite themes to their stockpile. :]. This theme is called ‘monochrome‘ and it is really clean, compared to the last theme we had. Because we’re using a free host ( platform) with some paid features we don’t get a custom theme. But, there are so many selections.

I hope you guys enjoy this new theme! We’re among the first to try it out. I have reported a few minor bugs already, and I think this theme should help make the visual appearance of The Novograd Times a bit better. :]. I have also tweaked a few things on the site to help make it more organized. :]. And the sidebar was redone!

Enjoy it folks. ^^.


P.S. Click ‘Read More’ to see what our old theme looked like!
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NA Allods Online Community Spotlight – The Novograd Times!

Whoa! Guess what folks? We got the community spotlight! The first community spotlight of the NA Allods Online Team (which we are usually primarily focused on).

Check out what they said:

Here on the Allods Team we like to take the time to check out all of the great articles, blogs, and websites that have been created about our game. From interviews, to video reviews, to beta key giveaways, the community has done a fantastic job of helping to spread the word of Allods Online. One of these sites/blogs that stands out is The Novograd Times. Headed up by the community’s very own Ashkir, and featuring many guest writers, The Novograd Times is a one stop spot for everything Allods Online. From class guides, to beta key giveaways, to interviews and more, something is always going on at The Novograd Times. With updates 4-7 times per week, the content is always fresh and the staff is always friendly and willing to listen to what you have to say!

We would like to thank The Novograd Times for a job well done! We can tell that you love the game almost as we do and it warms our hearts!

Be sure to check out The Novograd Times and add them on Twitter!

Thank you Allods Online team! :]. I think all of the guest writers agree with me, we’re humbled!