Interview with Katelyn Olmstead coming up!

Katelyn Olmstead is the community manager for Allods Online. We all know her and love her as inarakatt!

Kate is truly an awesome person, and she has granted us an opportunity to interview her. I am coming up with a list of questions to give her, and we also have a treat. We want to know, what do you want to know about Katelyn Olmstead?

Think of some clever, witty or just awesome questions. What do you want to know about Katelyn Olmstead? Reply here or shoot me an email. :]. What do you think we should ask?

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Novograd Times Reaches 100,000 Hits!


Today, the Novograd Times reached 100,000 unique hits, and before the game has even gone live!

Ashkir and the rest of the staff of the Times would like to thank our readers for reading, commenting, and suggesting, and the staff of Allods Online for making the game great enough that people want to read about it on this blog.

We wouldn’t do it without you, and here’s to another 100,000 hits to come!

EU Item Shop Open – FREE STUFF!

Europe opened their item shop! Thats right! Allods Online’s item shop is open! I may need to hunt down an EU player to get some sweet screenshots of some item shop loot. On top of all this everything in the item shop is free!

Enjoy it EU players! :]. Your servers go down on the 12th.

Ruatolov sent me this email. Make sure you all take screenshots and email em to me. :]. (

The Allods Online Team (Europe) just wanted to let you know that the Allods Shop is now available in-game! Because it’s the Closed Beta Test, everything in the shop is free! This will last until the closing of the Closed Beta Test.

So EU players! Enjoy! :D.

Reputation: The Survivors

The Survivors is the first reputation faction a League character will run into on Evermeet Isle. The Survivors offer a wide verity of reputation gear to get before it is time to leave the island.

Be sure to hit respected reputation before you leave Evermeet Isle and buy your gear from the quartermaster. Once you leave Evermeet Isle you will not be able to come back.

To get reputation just do quests, all the quests on Evermeet Isle (do not talk to the June Crystal to leave, as you won’t be able to come back. This June Crystal is in front of the Mysterious Benefactor, aka the Nameless One who is an elf.)

While you quest you will be able to pick up plants that look like this:

These are called Wild Plantains. Collect them and keep them in your bags while you quest. You need thirty or more, depending on how patient you are with reputation. These are components needed for a repeatable quest for Survivors reputation. This is the repeatable quest:

This quest is given by Alfred de Delice:

Alfred de Delice can be found by a tree in the Scout Camp, which is the first major quest hub you will encounter, with a Goblin Innkeeper as a League character. The Scout Camp is found in roughly the center of Evermeet Isle:

Each quest takes ten Wild Plantains to get 1,000 Reputation. Most quests offer between 500 to 1,000 reputation themselves. It usually takes three turn-ins to get respected reputation which is 25,000 reputation. Many people spend time doing it earlier to get the better gear earlier. You only need to be level five to wear the gear from this vendor.

The gear offered from reputation vendors is often times better then what you can find by quest rewards, treasure chests, or even dungeons. Reputation gear in Allods Online is very important.

The Survivors’ Quartermaster can be found in the Scout Camp as well. It is a Gibberling family called the Frolicsome Family.

End of Closed Beta #4! Some Empire Shots from Novelus!

The servers have went offline! The game is offline for only six days and open beta begins! This time we all get to make brand new characters and get to keep these ones this time ’round!

The Empire had to fight hordes of astral demons and other threats from taking the tower. And after they have done that, Mage1 (An Allods Online Game Master) teleported a large group of Empire players to Lightwood, a bit east of the Novograd Arena.

The League and Empire enjoyed a spar as the Empire tried to invade Novograd City and the League defended their grand city.

And then at the end, a bunch of Empire guys had to commit mass suicide! The League was going to do it, but, nobody made the first jump.

Here are some screenshots from my good friend Novelus!

End of Closed Beta #4! :D Event Screenshots!

Well there were waves and waves of demons attacking us all! And many different kinds to be found all across the games, which was amazing.

And many more amazing things happened! The Astral Scholars of the game came in and started shouting things about the world ending and other doomsday stuff. On top of this we had rare game masters from GM Isle far north of Avilon come to us to grant us with their presence.

The Empire invaded Novgrad en masse, but the League eventually pushed them off!

Oh cannot forget the giant demons in the skies! It was a lot of fun! Good job guys in fighting and making this an enjoyable end of closed beta test to remember! I never seen anything like this in a game and I was happy to be a part of it! :D.

LOTS OF SCREENSHOTS (after the break! 56k warning)
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Guess what Allods Online pulled for the last day of their closed beta?

Well theres some good news and bad news. The good news is that we’re all going to die. Oh wait, that was the bad news, the good news is we are going to see the end of the world!

Today demons have invaded the capital cities!

There was this great squirrel trainer out there defending the squirrels! I told him good job! This man, lets call him Squirrelmaster had this to say “Indeed. If I run out in the middle, they have less time to get to the squirrels.”

We the people of Kania salute your brave deeds Squirrelmaster and others who are working hard to the deaths to defend our precious capital that we have spent so much time building.

The sky is truly falling! We shall fight to the death!

It is not over yet! But it will all be over soon! One way or another!

Oh by the way, it is raining kittens!