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Psionicist Guide Part II: Attributes and Abilities


Welcome to Part II of my Psionicist Guide.  In this part, I will take a look at the attributes and spells/abilities that are the building block of your character.  I will go over the importance of each attribute, the effects of each spell and suggested attribute/ability builds.

Thanks for joining me for Part II and I hope you find the guide worthwhile!

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Bright’s Alchemy Guide

With the last days of Closed beta counting down I decided to play with a craft, here is what I have learned about crafting.

Like any other profession you will spend 38 Silver on the instruction manual and learn your only profession for the time being. You will also need to purchase a shoddy flask which will take an inventory slot and act as you access to your skill.

Upon speaking to the alchemist again he will give you a quest to bring him 10 Stain Removers. You will also be given 40 basic solvents to use as ingredients. These will be found on the Reagents tab of your bag.

***BIG HINT***
You will not need to use all 40 basic solvents to make the 10 Stain Removers but you should keep crafting until you have used all 40. The quest give will take back any extras you have and afterwards you will pay 9 silvers for each one.

As you can see the basic solvent has 2 properties 2 Blinding Agents and 2 Unknown. When you open your Alchemist window you will see two flasks for boiling ingredients.

You will place 2 of your herbs (which will need to be bought/traded) from an herbalist or the auction house until you can learn your second profession. Into the flask and click on boil.

The aspects will rotate like a slot machine and stop. If you match a recipe (which I’ll cover a little later) you will have a potion ready to be bottled, if not you will have the bottle of death show.

You are permitted to make a minor correction (levels 1-50 only 1) to the results to steer them to a usable potion.


You can click on the recipes tab at the bottom of your alchemy window to access the list of potions you know. Through experimentation I discovered that unless you know the recipe you can not accidently create a potion or make it, you just get the bottle of death.

And here is what the potions do.

Buff lasts for 30 seconds but man do you fly.

Any skill increasing potion does cancel out any other one in effect, making so that you can only have one 30 min stat buff active at one time.

Again a 30 sec buff but having a constant 34 damage reduction can make a big difference in lower level PvP and Boss fights.

I never did make a Divine resistance potion but assume (I know shame on me) that it would match nature’s resistance except vs divine. Might be useful against all those PvP paladins…..uh well maybe there’s a hold boss monster out there somewhere.

Reputation: The Survivors

The Survivors is the first reputation faction a League character will run into on Evermeet Isle. The Survivors offer a wide verity of reputation gear to get before it is time to leave the island.

Be sure to hit respected reputation before you leave Evermeet Isle and buy your gear from the quartermaster. Once you leave Evermeet Isle you will not be able to come back.

To get reputation just do quests, all the quests on Evermeet Isle (do not talk to the June Crystal to leave, as you won’t be able to come back. This June Crystal is in front of the Mysterious Benefactor, aka the Nameless One who is an elf.)

While you quest you will be able to pick up plants that look like this:

These are called Wild Plantains. Collect them and keep them in your bags while you quest. You need thirty or more, depending on how patient you are with reputation. These are components needed for a repeatable quest for Survivors reputation. This is the repeatable quest:

This quest is given by Alfred de Delice:

Alfred de Delice can be found by a tree in the Scout Camp, which is the first major quest hub you will encounter, with a Goblin Innkeeper as a League character. The Scout Camp is found in roughly the center of Evermeet Isle:

Each quest takes ten Wild Plantains to get 1,000 Reputation. Most quests offer between 500 to 1,000 reputation themselves. It usually takes three turn-ins to get respected reputation which is 25,000 reputation. Many people spend time doing it earlier to get the better gear earlier. You only need to be level five to wear the gear from this vendor.

The gear offered from reputation vendors is often times better then what you can find by quest rewards, treasure chests, or even dungeons. Reputation gear in Allods Online is very important.

The Survivors’ Quartermaster can be found in the Scout Camp as well. It is a Gibberling family called the Frolicsome Family.

Finding the Treasure in Asee-Teph

This guide is going to be very general, since both factions get to partake of this treasure. Do be careful, there are other players and level 25-26 elementals that are out to get you!

Go to Asee-Teph, of course. Start walking (or flying) towards this location:

Now, find the glowy spot in the area, like so:

You’re close! You should see the repeatable marker on your screen, the treasure is very near this spot. Here we are!

There it is! Be careful of the elementals, they are not friendly. Your faithful, brave reporter endured several deaths at the hands of elementals in order to bring you this helpful guide. Thank you to the cleric Blyss, wherever you are, for killing them! This is a mithril chest, enjoy!

Wild Isles Treasure

This guide will walk you through the steps on retrieving the treasure on Wild Isles. Thanks to BlitzGash (aka Garrett) for sending this in! :D. If you would like to submit a guide feel free to email me at :].

I will start from the middle Isle named Savage Isle. Since this location teleports you to all of the other isles.

What you want to do is click the binding point (Ancient June Ruins) and teleport to Roughneck Isle.

When you arrive onto Roughneck Isle, Prepare to enter the camp right in front of you. You will have to do a lot of fighting to get through this camp.

Once you enter the camp and kill off a couple of Roughnecks, you want to keep head down the only path leading out of this camp.

The second camp with the X is where the location of the treasure chest is. Kill off any mobs that interfere and proceed to the chest.

Once you approach the X you might notice that the treasure chest icon will pop up. The treasure chest here is a Skull Shield.

This chest includes a Mithril Chest.

Psionicist Guide Part I: Races and Class Mechanics

Why choose a Psionicist?

So, you want to be a Psionicist?  Great choice.  But what, exactly, is a Psionicist and what do they do?  Hopefully this guide will help you make the decision to become a Psionicist and, once that decision is made, help you to be a better Psionicist.

So, let’s begin with what a Psionicist does in-game.  What is his job?  Primarily he is a crowd control class.  Yes, he can DPS but that is not his primary role.  If DPS is what you want to do, then you may find a Mage or Scout more to your liking.   If you want to be able to lock down targets in PvE and PvP, then the Psionicist might just be what you are looking for.

A Psion has many abilities to carry out this task.  Shockwave is one of the first abilities that you receive and allows you to stun enemy targets for up to sixteen seconds at a time.  With a low cooldown time of only ten seconds, this means that you can lock down a single target for extended amounts of time.

Hypnosis is also a powerful skill and will allow you to lock a mob (or person!) in place for up to two minutes at a time!  Healer in the back of a group giving you problems in PvP?  Simply hypnotize him and forget about him until his friends are all accounted for!

In addition to the many crowd control abilities, the Psion also has access to the only long-term speed buff in the game, Rapid Metabolism, which grants all members in the Psion’s group a 30% movement speed increase out of combat.  This will make travel much quicker and gives a large advantage in open world PvP.

With all the tricks a Psionicist brings to the table, it is not surprising that he is highly sought after for groups, whether PvE or PvP.  Crowd control, buffs and DPS, what more can you ask for?

Psionicist Race Choice

After deciding to become a Psion, the first choice you will be faced with is race.  Three races can become Psionicists, two on the Empire side and one on the League.  Each race can become very powerful Psions and the choice really comes down to aesthetics.  However, there is one main difference between each race that must be accounted for and that is the class Racial Ability.

Empire Psionicists:

1.  The Xadaganian MentalistMentalist’s Will – Immunizes caster to any mêlée damage  (Also has the best animation of any ability in the game, in my opinion, as show below!)

2. The Arisen OccultistStress Coping – Clears the mind of the caster.  This used to be the best skill for Psions, by a long shot.  It removed Mental Overload (explained below) and negated the single biggest disadvantage of the class.  However, this has been nerfed to only a small percentage chance to proc (currently 4% with each spell).

League Psionicists:

1.  The Gibberling SeerInsight – Allows the caster to predict his enemy’s actions and thus avoid any of their mêlée attacks.  Very similar to the Mentalist but without the movement disadvantage.  This makes it a better racial than what the Mentalist has.  I guess the cool animation that the Mentalist gets makes up for it?

All in all, the races are very comparable and your best bet is going with whatever asthetic you prefer or whatever Faction you want to play on.  All three races make for very practical Psions.

Class Mechanics

The mechanics of the Psionicist differentiate him from all the other Allods Online Archetypes and any other class I have played in an MMO.  These mechanics control how the Psion plays and what you can do with him.  Learn what these mechanics are and you will understand the class better.

The Mental Link Window

1.  Mental Link: The Mental Link is the building block of the Psionicist and the one ability on which the entire class is based.  Mental Link is a single target spell that establishes a mental contact with the target.  This will open up the target to many of the Psion’s abilities and will also return half of the mana costs of all spells cast on the target back to the Psion.  In addition, it will raise the Psionicist’s conviction stat by 5%.  Finally, it will give the Psionicist the ability to use an Astral Echo ability, which can place a DoT, Instant damage or short-term Paralysis effect on the target.  This is a six second cast, although later you can pick up Will Suppression, which will give an instant Mental Link ability and allows two targets to be Mental Linked at a time.

Mental Overload Tooltip

2. Mental Overload: Mental Overload is a debuff that many of the Psionicist’s abilities can give.  It reduces the Perception and Intelligence of the Psionicist.  This debuff can stack and can severely cut the Psion’s DPS if not dealt with quickly.

Sensitive Perception Tooktip

3.  Sensitive Perception: Sensitive Perception has a chance to proc during Psychic Shock (10% chance with each pulse) and when the Psion’s target dies, if the target is Mind Linked and as long as the Mind Link as never been broken with the target.  This will make the next Mental Link cast instant.  Invaluable ability that makes killing mobs quickly much easier.  There are ruby talents that will also allow Sensitive Perception to proc after a crit.  (Thanks to Ciro for pointing some of the above out!)

End of Part One…

The next edition will cover stats, abilities, weapons and armor in-depth.  Please check back for Part II, coming soon!

Astral Ships: Astral Mechanics

The Astral is a vast place. Though, despite what many people believe, the Astral has a constant structure. The Astral is an ever-changing place. Here is the information of what we know so far about the Astral mechanics.

Astral ships travel through sectors. There are 24 sectors connected to each other. These structures are permanent but the content is not.

There are Astral Storms. The instability of the astral means that mapping is not possible. The content changes, there is always new areas and new things to discover. The Astral basically regenerates.

There are several hubs in each sector. To envision a hub, think of a cylinder system. The diameter of each hub is roughly 7.56 knots. The height of each hub is roughly 0.54 knots.

In the center of each hub there is a stable zone. This is a calm area where your ship does not take damage. The radius of the stable zone can be from roughly 2.53 knots to 3.24 knots (unsure of the exact size). While in this stable zone a ship can jump to another hub and appear in the stable zone.

The so called “jumps” look like FTL mode on popular Science Fiction shows (Stargate Universe for example). In these zones demons, ship wrecks and allods can be found.

Outside of the stable zone there is a border zone, or referred to as a stream zone. In this zone an Astral ship will take some hull damage each second. The amount of damage increases further out from the stable zone.

Further out you go, the greater chance of rarer allods you’ll find, and better loot, or upgrade items. That is if you can make it back to your astral hanger in time.

The storm zone is constantly changing, and it is a massive zone and much more unstable then the border zone. Only the bravest will venture deep into the storms. The mechanics are much like the border zone it seems, but, are much stronger and harsher.

This is what we know of the hub system so far. :].